Your Symbol of Strength


Archival Ink Prints ©CherilynSunRidge

        Selecting your image of strength helps you stay in your seat of awareness.  As a reminder of your unique internal place, using external symbology creates your sacred living space.  Visual images carry a language into the subconscious, they are reference material for our minds, reminding us of our delights and innocent joys.  My mission is to offer what may serve you with land and figurative interpretations, as tethers, to dialogue with your own deepest truth.
I am now working with a high-end custom printer.  At long last (!) I can offer you quality prints to suit your budget.  Giclée printing is the highest quality fine art reproduction available today.

My online Print Portfolio offers a selection of my images.  Contact me for other custom sizes and I will send you a quote.  Also contact me for a custom print of your favorite piece not yet appearing in the Print Portfolio.

Sent with Light, Cherilyn

Souls With Voice


©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Forest Listening,” 24″x24,” Acrylic on Cotton Canvas

We listen, wherever we are, to chatter or rhythms or fantastic air -mobiles, and all sounds feed us.  Neither here nor there, neither wrong or right, sound injects into us and informs us.  Our voice, internal or external, influences the environment.  This is all a two-way, round-about, give and take, cause and effect.  I invite your treasured voice to sing out, your daily stutterings and your daily rejoicings to find their avenues of expression.  Why not?

Cushy Earth Under Foot

The past few months have brought up the color and feel of the southwest.  It is wonderful!  Here in the Portland metropolitan region, with flat skies and moisture all around and daylight differences from the neurological memory parallel with the southwest, these are all also sublime food.  I painted “Subtle Descent” using that heart memory, with the hard pack earth, the wonder of water absent, the spiritual pipe to the skies.  I liked that studio session.  Now, a few days after a lovely snow here, and the rains having melted it away, we looked out and were struck by how much green filled our eyes!  The kind of green that is wet and mossy and has a life of its own.  Wherever you are, I wish you life!

©2014 Cherilyn SunRidge, "Subtle Descent," detail, 16:x16" acrylic on cotton

©2014 Cherilyn SunRidge, “Subtle Descent,” detail, 16″x16″ acrylic on cotton