Nature Spirit Healing

Nothing Is As It Was~Every Day is Remarkable and Remakable


©CherilynSunRidge, Balboa Press, Order Your Copy Here

This book is a rich, valuable, & refreshing combination of imagery and poetry, straight from the author’s lifelong engagement with wilderness.  Encouragement & gentle support to Be Your Precious Self (from the front piece of Nothing Is As It Was).

Here is rich permission to receive a delightful healing through awareness of the world around and within yourself.  Here are affirming prompts to pay attention to your mind and heart, to “open your skull and chest to review,” to engage yourself with nature, with the spirits of nature, to walk with a new sense of ease.

It is vital to affirm your own unique sense of ability and integrity, to cultivate your inner anchor if you sense complexity around you.  It is vital for our precious planet and the earth for you to know that you are nature, you are natural, you can communicate and dialogue with the healing nature spirits.  In a way, this is bringing it all back home, so that you can expand even further!  Enjoy!


“Love Is A Temple~Love Is A Shrine” 22″x22″ (detail)



HERStory Manhattan Arts Int’l Exhibition


“Bestowal,” 30″x30″ Acrylic, ©Cherilyn SunRidge, Available

Renee Phillips of Manhattan Arts International has curated a strong comprehensive online exhibition honoring contemporary female artists.  I am thrilled and humbled and awakened-within to have received an Award of Excellence for “Bestowal”!

Terra Pile Up

Sometimes the pile up is just too much fun!  What with nature crawling revealing nature spirits cultivating visual earth poetry revealing layers of creative exploration both psychically and physically, there are endless moments in my day, yet I want more!

Sage Mother Pushes Dawn really is a dancing celebratory figure, clothed in boulders, will’o’wisps, high cirrus clouds, and held by and structured into the four sacred directions.

See her fullness in Current Hoops portfolio

sage abstract art

Sage Mother Pushes Dawn, detail, 30×30, acrylic, $2025

sage dawn nature art

Sage Mother Pushes Dawn,detail, acrylic, 30×30, $2025 

Nature Poetry Art~From Where Comes Seed


©CherilynSunRidge, “From Where Comes Seed,” 24″x24,” acrylic on cotton

The seeding surprise is all around.  Maybe the clouds bind you to fascination, or the ravine in your strolls, or the gutter with its rich debris.  I discover pockets of plenty with my gaze, even the bark on trees is a catch-all!  Wishing you fun and serene times as we move through the mid point of winter.