Mick ‘n’ Me Heaven

mick-n-me  IMG_6838.CR2

Sometimes a girl just needs a little bit of Mick gazing over her head, and then return to her studio and bring out “Seven Steps To Heaven” (©CherilynSunRidge, 16″x16,” Acrylic) for all essential grounding and consciousness converging!

Portland Art Museum offers 250 Warhol prints for viewers’ consumption and delight, until the end of the year.  I was blown away–color, form, personal statement, poetry, generous–ah, Andy.  Wonderful.


Internal Steps & External Steps


Find your internal geography and walk it, love it, applaud it.  Carry on to your edges and find your external geography and walk it, love it, applaud it.  “Seven Steps To Heaven” and
“Wind River Portal” offer scenes of contemplation for daily centering, grounding, and visioning.  You are invited and exquisitely able to grab one single ‘handle’ to navigate your day, helping you to conduct your thoughts and affairs with a bright, joyful, and expectant attitude.  Whatever your source of inspiration, whatever stirs your soul to life, use it and be grateful for its potency!

Sacred Hoops


©2013, CherilynSunRidge, “TransReceiver,” acrylic, 16″x16″

My inner ways are circles and spirals and arcs. Recently while in my studio, I was asking the powers that be to help me with something in my mindset. I was engaged in staring and pondering and also painting. My asking for this assistance was real and truthful and authentically uttered because I thought its answer would solve a problem. I took a break, sat under a tree, gazed high through glorious branches. The answer came with great clarity, and surprisingly was not blatantly related to my precise question. I was informed to paint “Sacred Hoops.” I was filled with glee and joy and satisfaction. Much of my work uses circles and spheres because that is often how I see what I am looking at. To be charged with a defined theme was like a wish come true!

The piece here, “TransReceiver” is one of my new Sacred Hoops. My Acupuncturist/Reflexologist friend ooo’ed at it and said it looks like acupuncture needles. That is fitting, because it certainly is about connections, and so is the healing art of acupuncture!