Your Nature Connects With Nature

There comes a time, a moment when one simply cannot avoid recognition of integration.  All of bounteous Nature, the Nature Spirits, the energetics, buzz, blitz, swim through us at all times, eternally.  The imperative is to “Rise Out Of Rest” and participate!

IMG_6247.CR2  RiseOutOfRest:SunRidge

©CherilynSunRidge, earlier work & “Rise Out Of Rest”


Souls With Voice


©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Forest Listening,” 24″x24,” Acrylic on Cotton Canvas

We listen, wherever we are, to chatter or rhythms or fantastic air -mobiles, and all sounds feed us.  Neither here nor there, neither wrong or right, sound injects into us and informs us.  Our voice, internal or external, influences the environment.  This is all a two-way, round-about, give and take, cause and effect.  I invite your treasured voice to sing out, your daily stutterings and your daily rejoicings to find their avenues of expression.  Why not?

Tree of Life Art

After my ex-voto workshop with Keith Achepohl, having made my piece for gratitude for prayers answered, I set this art in my studio.  It percolated and vibrated and informed my new canvas for more healing.  

When we simply juxtapose ideas or colors or fabrics or foods or layers we can recognize patterns which we always work with.  I speak of soulful patterns, those which guide and guard and beckon us to our next phase and even a new level of daily existence.  As I work this canvas, Tree of Life ideas come through.

Globally, throughout multiple cultures and philosophies, the Tree of Life template overlays much of our connectedness with the cosmic spiritual spacial order.  As sensate human beings, we host our own unique health-giving vibratory Tree of Life within our energetic chakra systems.  We all have this.  The balancing quest is to have our major chakras spinning and living and imbuing our systems in a balanced way.  

Nothing is ever equal, ever balanced, but it is a nice endeavor.

Tree of Life Process detail

Tree of Life process detail



These are a few puzzle pieces of my Tree of Life painting-in-process. Parts of it actually disturb me, and that makes it an energetic quest to realize why and how I can create a more soothing soulful piece of art, because that is what I am doing right now.

Todays prompt is to consciously acknowledge what works you, has always worked you, and will continue to work you from your depths, simple to bring you to your place of peaceful embrace.

Live your Light!



©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Chalice,” 24×36, acrylic

I am working my first series of Fair Venues in the Northwest Territory of the beautiful state of Oregon. The children and teens are drawn into my booth, and have so much light around them with their symbiotic associations with my forms and colors on canvas.

I am interested that many adults who point and dialogue are attracted to my painting “Chalice.” There is movement, and a going toward, and levitation, and earthiness, and wonderment as to what is occurring in this painting.

For me, it is a pilgrimage in community, in family, taking a sacred and revered vessel on walkabout, for the gathering of potent holy energies to be held in the chalice upon return to the home sanctuary.

Wishing you a Light-filled day!

Cherilyn SunRidge