Nature Spirit Assistance


“Your toes are indeed lovely.

Your room is so charming;

so familiar, so comfortable.

Grab the beyond,

beyond your doorstep!


Practice space.

Raise your gaze

…embrace closely the unfamiliar.”



“Raise Your Gaze” from NOTHING IS AS IT WAS Balboa Press ©CherilynSunRidge

I planted dozens of corn seeds and there are four glorious stalks reaching for the sun and sky.  I remind myself that in time the seeds of expectancy will navigate their full reach, that I can look elsewhere–higher, broader, and the love of initial planting will hold the nest and the next in peace and light, and the nature spirits will dance whether or not I see them.


Beltaine Comes

Beltaine is approaching, and Deer Fire just danced its way into manifestation.


©CherilynSunRidge, “Deer Fire,” Acrylic on Cotton, Gallery-wrap 1.5″ Painted Spice Brown, Available!

I offer the power of the hunt for your deepest soul-self through this work, with benediction from the Powers which you adore and revere and believe in, through this art piece.  Beltaine is a questing time, and in Nebraska we gifted and ran like the deer to elude our recipient–funny practice, and so darn fun and magical!

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