Enough For Everyone


“Enough For Everyone,” 30×40, Acrylic on Cotton, ©CherilynSunRidge

In love, She comes.  In love, She offers you your life.

She is everywhere and everyone.

She is at all times.
Our Lady is in everyone’s face and being.
We each hold a name for Her–all meaning:

beauty-filled, bountiful, compassionate.
All beings can participate, all beings may contribute.
This means also you and I, making resonance into the order of things.

She is your daily.  She gazes everywhere, and Her gaze is love, and Her love is a blessing, and the blessing is a healing, and the healing makes you whole, and your awareness gives you wholeness.


Internal Steps & External Steps


Find your internal geography and walk it, love it, applaud it.  Carry on to your edges and find your external geography and walk it, love it, applaud it.  “Seven Steps To Heaven” and
“Wind River Portal” offer scenes of contemplation for daily centering, grounding, and visioning.  You are invited and exquisitely able to grab one single ‘handle’ to navigate your day, helping you to conduct your thoughts and affairs with a bright, joyful, and expectant attitude.  Whatever your source of inspiration, whatever stirs your soul to life, use it and be grateful for its potency!

Souls With Voice


©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Forest Listening,” 24″x24,” Acrylic on Cotton Canvas

We listen, wherever we are, to chatter or rhythms or fantastic air -mobiles, and all sounds feed us.  Neither here nor there, neither wrong or right, sound injects into us and informs us.  Our voice, internal or external, influences the environment.  This is all a two-way, round-about, give and take, cause and effect.  I invite your treasured voice to sing out, your daily stutterings and your daily rejoicings to find their avenues of expression.  Why not?


Dr. Seth Hill, DC of Lifestyle Nutrition and Massage has pARTnered with Three Rivers Artist Guild to exhibit art in his gorgeous new clinic.  This doctor is immensely present and generous, his staff is expert, and the clinic is embracing and comforting.  Welcome to Oregon City, Dr. Hill!!!

Guild artists Holly Kroening, animal themed watercolors,  and Cherilyn SunRidge, land inspired acrylics, are exhibiting in the clinic located at the corner of Molalla and Beavercreek in Oregon City.

Chaos, Order, Chaos, Order

I am re-reading Nick Bantock’s “The Forgetting Room.”  The pages are replete with short phrases, rich and deep, relevant to life and art.

One such provocation is the memory of the grandfather guiding the grandson as the lad worked to resolve an issue with his drawing.  He applied watercolor wash, yet it looked sugary to him, too nice.  From his memory bank, Grandfather speaks:

©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Dandelion,” & detail “Rain Drop Temple

“Chaos, order, chaos, order recurring …..there is a difference between a study and a painting.  Rough up the ground.  Then you can begin growing your picture……The result was a mess, though not an unpleasant one.  I ‘humphed’ aloud and deserted it to dry by itself.”

Just some insight into a painting process.  Now, I am headed into my painting cave!  Sending Light!  Cherilyn

Portland, Oregon touches New Jersey

“Bestowal” is one of three pieces now housed at VAM Arts Inc. in Metuchen, New Jersey. I shipped off my work, and the gallery manager said it took a Hulk and a Sherlock Holmes to get through my packaging to my treasures. I thrilled in protecting my art!

"Bestowal," ©CherilynSunRidge, 30"x30," Acrylic on Cotton

“Bestowal,” ©CherilynSunRidge, 30″x30,” Acrylic on Cotton

This Group Invitational, CONFLUENCE 2014, opens mid-December, at 15 Station Place. Please visit!

New Life Acrylic Painting

it’s a new baby thing


          Open Studios of Beavercreek was an enriching four days, hosted by Jill Montgomery at her fabulous mosaic studio property.

Miss Daisy was two-weeks old, and a lovely, soft, velvety, suckling delight in my open air canopy.

Ever desire to feel a renewal?  Go find a baby animal to love on!

My art found new homes, I had stimulating discussions about fourth dimensional living and painting what is known yet not seen and the life of color, form, and movement on a 2-D surface.  New collectors this month have had neat and unique ideas of where to hang their art to enhance their spaces, and that is always fun.

Wishing you Sweetness & Light!