Time To Shine!

My work and mission has been to
heal the disconnect between Soul and Source.

I do this through gentle earthy imagery,
tethering people’s sensibilities to the
exquisite bountiful beauty of
our Mother Earth.

We really have come on a pilgrimage and have arrived somewhere!

This place is a miracle in time.

This place is our respite from petty details and preoccupations,
from distractions away from
our deep beauty–

our deep beauty which is
our exquisite soulfulness to now:

Send out the strongest bright light
to our universe, our world, our neighbors, our families, ourselves.

“Cottonwood Oasis”
20″x20″     $500
for your Home or Office

I created “Cottonwood Oasis” as an honor to fellow pilgrims who depart/journey/suffer/arrive/rest.

My  wise woman former rancher writer friend commented poetically,
saying it is like “Cottonwood-Woman,”
who extols the pilgrims in the service of survival;
who stands in the atmosphere of benediction;
who comes forth through the generations
and arrives exuberant and triumphant.

 We really are at the crux of that passive statement of
“you must change yourself before you change anyone else.”
We really are at the tending pool of
courtesy and politeness and deep compassion.
We really are grateful to the produce stackers,
the check-out assistants,
the neighbor who meets and greets.

We are the Peaceable Kingdom.
We all love and support and grow with one another.

Nature Spirits Bathe Me

The Eclipse of 2017 lives on and on.  I was sandwiched between Heaven & Earth as I laid on Earth and held hands with my friend and had a little cry.



©CherilynSunRidge, “Eclipse Poise,” 30″x20″

At first, I went into the studio work intending a statement of alignment with the cosmic order.

As I worked this piece, I found my information was becoming more internal than external.

Exploration revealed that one can align externally, then the solid ‘work’ is to bring the Nature Spirits into my energetic; then the Poise is cultivated with spiritual information called Power.

For me, that Power is calm expansion.

The quest is to align internally, whatever that means to me or to you, is a moment-to-moment livingness.

Your Symbol of Strength


Archival Ink Prints ©CherilynSunRidge

        Selecting your image of strength helps you stay in your seat of awareness.  As a reminder of your unique internal place, using external symbology creates your sacred living space.  Visual images carry a language into the subconscious, they are reference material for our minds, reminding us of our delights and innocent joys.  My mission is to offer what may serve you with land and figurative interpretations, as tethers, to dialogue with your own deepest truth.
I am now working with a high-end custom printer.  At long last (!) I can offer you quality prints to suit your budget.  Giclée printing is the highest quality fine art reproduction available today.

My online Print Portfolio offers a selection of my images.  Contact me for other custom sizes and I will send you a quote.  Also contact me for a custom print of your favorite piece not yet appearing in the Print Portfolio.

Sent with Light, Cherilyn

Souls With Voice


©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Forest Listening,” 24″x24,” Acrylic on Cotton Canvas

We listen, wherever we are, to chatter or rhythms or fantastic air -mobiles, and all sounds feed us.  Neither here nor there, neither wrong or right, sound injects into us and informs us.  Our voice, internal or external, influences the environment.  This is all a two-way, round-about, give and take, cause and effect.  I invite your treasured voice to sing out, your daily stutterings and your daily rejoicings to find their avenues of expression.  Why not?

Chaos, Order, Chaos, Order

I am re-reading Nick Bantock’s “The Forgetting Room.”  The pages are replete with short phrases, rich and deep, relevant to life and art.

One such provocation is the memory of the grandfather guiding the grandson as the lad worked to resolve an issue with his drawing.  He applied watercolor wash, yet it looked sugary to him, too nice.  From his memory bank, Grandfather speaks:

©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Dandelion,” & detail “Rain Drop Temple

“Chaos, order, chaos, order recurring …..there is a difference between a study and a painting.  Rough up the ground.  Then you can begin growing your picture……The result was a mess, though not an unpleasant one.  I ‘humphed’ aloud and deserted it to dry by itself.”

Just some insight into a painting process.  Now, I am headed into my painting cave!  Sending Light!  Cherilyn

Sage Mother Pushes Dawn


©CherilynSunRidge, “Sage Mother Pushes Dawn,” acrylic, 30×30, available

Each morning gives a moment of applause and a moment of review and unending moments of wonder and wondering. I select “Sage Mother Pushes Dawn” today to show you because of its strength. I love the “held” spheres, the absolute knowing that there is structure for my day, visible or not. I love the colors which were only viewed in the high country as tiny bits of desert hue, yet I wanted them to shout their presence.  May the backdrop of your life inform your day, and may you see anew what has always been before you.  “Sage Mother Pushes Dawn” is available in the Hoops portfolio at www.CherilynSunRidge.com, always at my modest square inch price and always S&H included.  Stay lively!

Organic Contemporary Rain Art

The Muse is afoot and a-flight as I revel in the northwest winter.  The La Lluvia show next autumn is already being painted out in my studio.  Showing you details of the new “Rain Drop Temple” lets me suggest to any art viewer in any venue, to step back and feel the emotion all the way up from your feet.  How do you respond to a piece of art?  And then visit the work up close and personal just to see from where the all-encompassing work comes.

See the whole piece at www.CherilynSunRidge.com in the Masks Portfolio.

Why I Do My Sacred Hoops

Last year I was bothered by a cantankerous mental looping, and I prayed for assistance out of that.  The familiar Teacher said “Paint Sacred Hoops.”  I reviewed past decades of sketchbooks and image/word journals, and found a plethora of circular imagery.  Now, there was given a stronger more loving purpose.  The “talking story” affirms continuity and cyclicity, inviting reminders that we must each hold a personal sacred hoop in our hearts, and we must each cultivate our Light-filled relationships in any arenas which beckon us.  We must live like we matter, and my nature-spirit-art is a daily reminder of that.

Cherilyn SunRidge Crow Mother

©CherilynSunRidge, “Crow Mother Clacks Virgas,” detail of 30″x30″ Acrylic on Cotton, $2025, available

Featured Artist Manhattan Arts International for Nature Spirit Art


©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Blue Mesa Bridge,” acrylic, 30″x40,” $2700


Cherilyn SunRidge Creates “Nature Spirit Art”: Her Healing Paintings Reconnect Us To Our Source

Cherilyn SunRidge’s art connects us to the earth through the use of her gentle palette and metaphorical forms that suggest the elements of nature as well as the vistas beyond our senses.

Her spherical shapes that suggest pods, seeds and portals to other realms evoke primordial symbols of life and rebirth.  Her rhythmic vistas are invigorated with continuous movement and an affirmation of limitless potentiality.

She provides viewers with the catalysts to comprehend a higher level of consciousness and discovery, and her poetic titles open the dialogue, such as “From Where Comes Seed” and “Seven Steps to Heaven”.

“I am extremely impressed by your unique artistic process and highly personal yet universal vision.  In viewing your website and portfolio, I’ve already picked many of my favorites.  Your art work is amazing and you bring so much depth to your art.  You are truly an original.”  Renee Phillips

Please click through for the article, the link is above.  Renee Phillips is a great writer, and got the essence of my work!  And, to see more of what I am ‘up to,’ visit:


Sending Light!

Morning Mantra & Morning Thoughts & Prompts

acrylic hoop painting, lens of next dimension, acrylic process painting

©CherilynSunRidge, Aperture/pre-detail/acrylic

Each morning we come into our next, and in the best of worlds, we ease in cloaked with bright anticipation.

Several decades ago when I came into a focused spiritual practice, I noticed more awareness of my First Morning Thought.

I learned to respect that singular First, not the string or thread which follows. For me, the dreamtime workings were often revealed at the moment of crossing over the dawn-veil. Delicious heart-stuff!

Today’s prompt is to aware yourself of that news meant just for you, the color or word or concept or form or quality, which you can use throughout the day. There are so many connections in our perspectives, that using this Morning Mantra impresses into your perspective a fresh insight. It may turn out to be more important than it appeared at first blink.

One of the canvases in process in my studio is “Aperture,” which is building on one such morning vision which came with its own encyclopedic concept, which is being whittled down into one 30″ canvas. I know one Aperture canvas will beget another!

acrylic circle painting, morning focus painting, abstract art


Here is to paying attention and loving it! Sending LIGHT!

Nature Poetry Art~From Where Comes Seed


©CherilynSunRidge, “From Where Comes Seed,” 24″x24,” acrylic on cotton

The seeding surprise is all around.  Maybe the clouds bind you to fascination, or the ravine in your strolls, or the gutter with its rich debris.  I discover pockets of plenty with my gaze, even the bark on trees is a catch-all!  Wishing you fun and serene times as we move through the mid point of winter.