Time To Shine!

My work and mission has been to
heal the disconnect between Soul and Source.

I do this through gentle earthy imagery,
tethering people’s sensibilities to the
exquisite bountiful beauty of
our Mother Earth.

We really have come on a pilgrimage and have arrived somewhere!

This place is a miracle in time.

This place is our respite from petty details and preoccupations,
from distractions away from
our deep beauty–

our deep beauty which is
our exquisite soulfulness to now:

Send out the strongest bright light
to our universe, our world, our neighbors, our families, ourselves.

“Cottonwood Oasis”
20″x20″     $500
for your Home or Office

I created “Cottonwood Oasis” as an honor to fellow pilgrims who depart/journey/suffer/arrive/rest.

My  wise woman former rancher writer friend commented poetically,
saying it is like “Cottonwood-Woman,”
who extols the pilgrims in the service of survival;
who stands in the atmosphere of benediction;
who comes forth through the generations
and arrives exuberant and triumphant.

 We really are at the crux of that passive statement of
“you must change yourself before you change anyone else.”
We really are at the tending pool of
courtesy and politeness and deep compassion.
We really are grateful to the produce stackers,
the check-out assistants,
the neighbor who meets and greets.

We are the Peaceable Kingdom.
We all love and support and grow with one another.

Advent Altar ANIMAL Week

TIEGA, the heraldress of our Animal King/Queendom week!

“Are you ready to meet and greet animals?”

“Let’s Go!!!!!”

Planetary Advent

Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human

Animal King/Queendom

I am happy to know that ours is an expanding universe! It is getting crowded here!

Fur, Fin, Scale, Feather
have come to the Peaceable Kingdom.

Of course, none of these kingdoms are separate.
We all love and support and grow with one another.


My personal artistic contributions to this Animal infused week are these two paintings:

“Primal Return”    12″x12″    $180

As I worked a circle, Frog came into form. Just at the time my teacher went to Spirit World. It was very nice to feel this painting come into form, very nice to feel a lovely beckoning into a “next,” very nice to find that Frog is an escort.”

“Kestrel Dancer”    30″x30″    $1125

“My studio time was dancing with masks.  I swept the canvas, discovering the sacred directions for what was to come.  Birds appeared in the piece, and we were off to the magic land of bird dances.”  


 Let this lovely week flow gently. Enjoy the richness of dark.

   Live The Love!   


Seek & Enjoy Unfolding!

With Light,

Advent Altar PLANT Week

Because I began my advent hoop a bit ‘late,’
I compress my weeks by a few days for each element.
This certainly does not abide with the time it takes for rocks and crystals to grow!

This week a few more crystals migrated into the circle
and the Plant King/Queendom is walking in.


Planetary Advent

Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human

Plant King/Queendom

Representing this PLANT world are river drift woods, fresh greens and berries, cedar incense sticks, fruit, pine cone.

Of course, none of these kingdoms are separate.
We all love and support and grow with one another.


My personal artistic contributions to this Plant Oxygen infused week are these two paintings:

“Fir In Sway”    24″x36″    $1080

“From Where Comes Seed”    24″x24″    $720

“Pine cone.  Dirt.  Sky.  Intoxicating.”


  Wishing you a Blessed Our Lady Of Guadalupe Day.

   Live The Love!   


Seek & Enjoy Unfolding!

With Light,

Advent Altar Mineral Week

Planetary Advent
A few weeks of honoring the energies we walk with in this world.

Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human

Mineral King/Queendom

I invite you to create a personal altar honoring the Mineral world.
Each week toward Winter Solstice and
the great celebration of the Pan-universal Christ,
is an opportunity to create the groundwork, literally,
for the other king/queendoms to follow.

I have begun in circle, hoop.
You might choose a more linear shape.

Your altar is for your unique sensibilities, so enjoy how you make it!

My ‘start’ has rocks, crystals, although I may add a bowl of sand or soil.
My process is to light the center candle each day,
and place another Mineral-world object.

Then next week will find me placing Plant world delights.

I think the most important part is having a few moments of
“quiet good cheer”!


  Happy Holidays

   Live The Love!   


Seek & Enjoy Unfolding!

With Light,

Planetary Advent

Planetary Advent
A few weeks of honoring the energies we walk with in this world.

Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human

Mineral King/Queendom
“This is a dry rise, outcrops of white and yellow and gold calcite roll throughout the hills.  The valley affords moisture.  I love this particular long valley with its rises.  When I came to the canvas with this place in my heart, all the dry evaporated, and the meandering streams and low grasses took over my expression.  This piece abstracts the bedded calcite, and extracts the rich feel of the place.”
Plant King/Queendom

“The northwest forest affords supple greenery.  Take a walk through a fairy forest, collect the forest floor’s rich bounty, wrap yourself in luxurious earth-green.  This piece was created as honor to a forest dancer, dressed in ceremonial’s authentic finest.  He is in there!”

Animal King/Queendom

“Sage Council”    24″x24″    $720

“May peace reign around every bush, through the air, across the firm desert floor.  May bird song thrill each day.”

Human King/Queendom

“Living Through The Planting”    20″x20″    $500

“Enough For Everyone”    30″x40″    $1500

“She is everywhere, She is at all times.
Our Lady is in everyone’s face and being.
We each hold a name for Her–all meaning: beauty-filled, bountiful, compassionate.
All beings can participate, all beings may contribute.
This means also you and I, making resonance into the order of things.”


  Happy Holidays

   Live The Love!   


Seek & Enjoy Unfolding!

With Light,

Staying & Going

  The “staying” part of my month was to hang a show of 13 of my pieces in the narthex of St. Francis of Assisi Episcopalian Church in Wilsonville, Oregon. The show welcomes parishioners through 29 September 2019. The Art Ministry at St. Francis displays art of several media, showing artists and photographers from the Pacific Northwest.
 The northwest photographer Rod Chandler has an astute ‘eye’ and assisted me with his kindness, expertise, and exuberant energy. Click through his image to arrive on his website for gorgeous nature images.
Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 9.15.45 AM
  And the ‘going‘ part of my month was to fly across this beautiful land to Wisconsin for a nephew’s wedding. I reunion’ed with nieces, nephews, grand-relatives, and my sisters. It had been 7 years. It was as if we have always lived next door to one another, even though Gwy Ann camps in Missouri, and Renee between Wisconsin and Florida
   Here we are at the Aviation Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin: Older sister Gwy Ann (systems integration expert; gentlewoman rancher with horses, dogs, kitties, ponds, gardens); Younger sister Renee (1st mate sailing yacht Great Lakes; avid sports enthusiast championing every child and grandchild through each of their ongoing winning endeavors); and me (apple pie baker, dog walker, land saunterer, visual artist).
   Currently on my easel is this 20×20. It began as a cottonwood, with thick, deep, gnarled and irregular bark. I sat with it, saw a face, took another direction, and now am working on another self-portrait!

Thus far she has told me:

“Those who know, contemplate.”  I like studio time!

Seek & Enjoy Unfolding!

Listen With Ears Of The Heart

I was seeking a settling, a feeling of “ahhhhh,” and this piece evolved from a sacred 4 directions quadrant mandala into a repose of contemplation.

I have held onto her/him for months before publishing. I think I needed the wisdom and wanted to luxuriate in the transmission.

Please enjoy!

“It is a simple search.
To feel tethered, and at peace, and grounded to something believed in.
There is no end-point to a search;
only recognition of strong foot falls relative to tentative and unstable steps.
Wherever is the home,
the subject is Self——centered, grounded, dynamic and at-ease.
This Hoop is a step into Beauty-of-Self,
a step into the giggly happiness of feeling AT HOME.
We let the Holy Above come into us,
and we let Earth inform.
We allow (so beautifully easy).
Here we are—
poised, living, available.
You know what you know from your depths,
way back beyond a history of your rememberings——
a place inside that calls and says “This is the place!”
You are at your place!
A thread from Earth’s ubiquitous turning—trailing and pulling.
Plant strongly into the place of need.


Seek & Enjoying Unfolding!

Are You Finding Your Unique Balance?


“Evening Dance At Owl Pond”

10″x20″ Acrylic on Cotton

Balance is perpetually in a state of search and discovery and finding itself. It occurs for a nano-second, then lives into its awareness of being in balance. This is always a hold-back to the moment before.

“Evening Dance At Owl Pond” is a composition of asymmetry in its immediacy, yet the figures/beings balance one another with their territory.

Thus, you and I can balance one another in our daily living.

And, we emphatically must balance ourselves with our territory, precious Earth.

Expectancy With Joy & Celebration With The Nature Spirits!

Our regional forecast for the ECLIPSE was sunny/cloudy.  I drove to my Eclipse gathering and saw many, many, many little clans squatted out in the dog park, on the community college campus grounds, in their private yards, and I sang out with thrill!

Some traditions prescribe staying inside, feel the internal work in the dark, do your personal and communal alignment.  As I felt into my reality of going “out” to a gathering, and saw people coming out of their offices and dwellings, I honored them.

We are a visual society. We want to see. And people, in their EXPECTANCY and CELEBRATION of the natural order of this unique phenomenon sought participation.

I think that EXPECTANCY IN JOY AND CELEBRATION MOVES WORLDS! We moved the skies into clarity and non-overcast. We unconsciously did “something” together because of AWE and CURIOSITY and EXPECTING-THE-BEST. We resonated with the Nature Spirits by living, simply living.


“Rain Rocks” 10×20 Available for your Home or Office

Nature Spirit Healing

Nothing Is As It Was~Every Day is Remarkable and Remakable


©CherilynSunRidge, Balboa Press, Order Your Copy Here

This book is a rich, valuable, & refreshing combination of imagery and poetry, straight from the author’s lifelong engagement with wilderness.  Encouragement & gentle support to Be Your Precious Self (from the front piece of Nothing Is As It Was).

Here is rich permission to receive a delightful healing through awareness of the world around and within yourself.  Here are affirming prompts to pay attention to your mind and heart, to “open your skull and chest to review,” to engage yourself with nature, with the spirits of nature, to walk with a new sense of ease.

It is vital to affirm your own unique sense of ability and integrity, to cultivate your inner anchor if you sense complexity around you.  It is vital for our precious planet and the earth for you to know that you are nature, you are natural, you can communicate and dialogue with the healing nature spirits.  In a way, this is bringing it all back home, so that you can expand even further!  Enjoy!


“Love Is A Temple~Love Is A Shrine” 22″x22″ (detail)


If You Can’t Fix A Broken Heart…


“From The Rim,” ©CherilynSunRidge, 36″x48″

I painted “From The Rim” as a tribute to Mickey Hart’s Mysterium Tremendum.  Listening to the integrated sounds of celestial deep space provided by NASA, with the Mickey Hart Band, one could not help but be moved into a place of reverence for our tiny potent particle selves.  We are each carrying sublime Light&Love energy, able to heal and restore and assist anywhere our hearts are drawn.

As lyricist Robert Hunter states in one of the album’s tunes:  “If you can’t fix a broken heart, don’t try to save the earth.”  This is a call to each to offer our best good cheer, our smoothest loving, our innate and alive capacity for holding one another’s hearts.

This is our time, to go deep and deep and deep to bring out our heart treasures, to share the vibration of movement toward expanded courtesy.  Tomorrow marks our station of Winter Solstice 2016…praises to all nature and beyond for continuing to live well.

Mick ‘n’ Me Heaven

mick-n-me  IMG_6838.CR2

Sometimes a girl just needs a little bit of Mick gazing over her head, and then return to her studio and bring out “Seven Steps To Heaven” (©CherilynSunRidge, 16″x16,” Acrylic) for all essential grounding and consciousness converging!

Portland Art Museum offers 250 Warhol prints for viewers’ consumption and delight, until the end of the year.  I was blown away–color, form, personal statement, poetry, generous–ah, Andy.  Wonderful.

Your Symbol of Strength


Archival Ink Prints ©CherilynSunRidge

        Selecting your image of strength helps you stay in your seat of awareness.  As a reminder of your unique internal place, using external symbology creates your sacred living space.  Visual images carry a language into the subconscious, they are reference material for our minds, reminding us of our delights and innocent joys.  My mission is to offer what may serve you with land and figurative interpretations, as tethers, to dialogue with your own deepest truth.
I am now working with a high-end custom printer.  At long last (!) I can offer you quality prints to suit your budget.  Giclée printing is the highest quality fine art reproduction available today.

My online Print Portfolio offers a selection of my images.  Contact me for other custom sizes and I will send you a quote.  Also contact me for a custom print of your favorite piece not yet appearing in the Print Portfolio.

Sent with Light, Cherilyn

Enough For Everyone


“Enough For Everyone,” 30×40, Acrylic on Cotton, ©CherilynSunRidge

In love, She comes.  In love, She offers you your life.

She is everywhere and everyone.

She is at all times.
Our Lady is in everyone’s face and being.
We each hold a name for Her–all meaning:

beauty-filled, bountiful, compassionate.
All beings can participate, all beings may contribute.
This means also you and I, making resonance into the order of things.

She is your daily.  She gazes everywhere, and Her gaze is love, and Her love is a blessing, and the blessing is a healing, and the healing makes you whole, and your awareness gives you wholeness.

Internal Steps & External Steps


Find your internal geography and walk it, love it, applaud it.  Carry on to your edges and find your external geography and walk it, love it, applaud it.  “Seven Steps To Heaven” and
“Wind River Portal” offer scenes of contemplation for daily centering, grounding, and visioning.  You are invited and exquisitely able to grab one single ‘handle’ to navigate your day, helping you to conduct your thoughts and affairs with a bright, joyful, and expectant attitude.  Whatever your source of inspiration, whatever stirs your soul to life, use it and be grateful for its potency!

Souls With Voice


©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Forest Listening,” 24″x24,” Acrylic on Cotton Canvas

We listen, wherever we are, to chatter or rhythms or fantastic air -mobiles, and all sounds feed us.  Neither here nor there, neither wrong or right, sound injects into us and informs us.  Our voice, internal or external, influences the environment.  This is all a two-way, round-about, give and take, cause and effect.  I invite your treasured voice to sing out, your daily stutterings and your daily rejoicings to find their avenues of expression.  Why not?

Love The Giver Tote


There are a few remaining totes from my earlier fairs.  The details are:

Organic Cotton, 15″h x 13″w x 4.5″ d

It is imprinted with my “Serpent Gates” whose original canvas is 16″x16″ and scripted with the ever appropriate “Love The Giver.”

Free USA shipping, $27 into my PayPal account:  cherilynsunridge@gmail.com and it is yours!

Open House Reception New Clinic

IMG_0276 Oregon City, OR, New Clinic Open House and Reception, with Dr. Seth Hill and his staff.  Thursday, 19 May 2016, 5:30-8 pm.  Lifestyle Nutrition and Massage, in the Red Soils Professional Building is located at 418 Beavercreek Road in Oregon City.  Come and meet Dr. Hill and his dynamic team of massage therapists.  Three Rivers Artist Guild artists Ingrid Aubry, Darlene McIntosh, Judith Haas, Holly Kroening, Eric O’Toole, Susan Schenk and Cherilyn SunRidge are being showcased in the beautiful clinic.  Join us for light appetizers, music, and award-winning wine poured by Oregon City winery Christopher Bridge Cellars.