About Cherilyn SunRidge

©2010 Cherilyn SunRidge, Yours To Decipher. Acrylic & Poly-Vinyl, 26"h x 24.5"w.

©2010 Cherilyn SunRidge, Yours To Decipher. Acrylic & Poly-Vinyl, 26″h x 24.5″w.

Celebrating the innate human desire to quest brings me to the canvas.  There is a delight in my creative process by looking to the dance of natural objects with their environments.

Life is better lived by connecting my inner environment with the outer environment.  I live by asserting connection with spirit and nature.

I work in arcs and circles and spirals.  This is the dynamic journey, giving fluidity and movement.  I find a tether in the creation by referencing the cardinal directions of our earth.
My current work is acrylic paint, layered media, often times primary colors.

I find my work with personal and universal mythology is shared by most people I converse with, and to translate this onto canvas offers a deep purpose of sharing and enlightening and provocation for a viewer to notice something about yourself and your  current life.    I gather images, forms, healings, messages, inspirations from strolling and crawling in the wilderness.  Very fun! I hope my work delights, soothes, strengthens, and settles you wherever you may be in your life.

Please visit my online gallery!  www.CherilynSunRidge.com cherilynsunridge@gmail.com     503.407.3771

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