Time To Shine!

My work and mission has been to
heal the disconnect between Soul and Source.

I do this through gentle earthy imagery,
tethering people’s sensibilities to the
exquisite bountiful beauty of
our Mother Earth.

We really have come on a pilgrimage and have arrived somewhere!

This place is a miracle in time.

This place is our respite from petty details and preoccupations,
from distractions away from
our deep beauty–

our deep beauty which is
our exquisite soulfulness to now:

Send out the strongest bright light
to our universe, our world, our neighbors, our families, ourselves.

“Cottonwood Oasis”
20″x20″     $500
for your Home or Office

I created “Cottonwood Oasis” as an honor to fellow pilgrims who depart/journey/suffer/arrive/rest.

My  wise woman former rancher writer friend commented poetically,
saying it is like “Cottonwood-Woman,”
who extols the pilgrims in the service of survival;
who stands in the atmosphere of benediction;
who comes forth through the generations
and arrives exuberant and triumphant.

 We really are at the crux of that passive statement of
“you must change yourself before you change anyone else.”
We really are at the tending pool of
courtesy and politeness and deep compassion.
We really are grateful to the produce stackers,
the check-out assistants,
the neighbor who meets and greets.

We are the Peaceable Kingdom.
We all love and support and grow with one another.