Advent Altar ANIMAL Week

TIEGA, the heraldress of our Animal King/Queendom week!

“Are you ready to meet and greet animals?”

“Let’s Go!!!!!”

Planetary Advent

Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human

Animal King/Queendom

I am happy to know that ours is an expanding universe! It is getting crowded here!

Fur, Fin, Scale, Feather
have come to the Peaceable Kingdom.

Of course, none of these kingdoms are separate.
We all love and support and grow with one another.


My personal artistic contributions to this Animal infused week are these two paintings:

“Primal Return”    12″x12″    $180

As I worked a circle, Frog came into form. Just at the time my teacher went to Spirit World. It was very nice to feel this painting come into form, very nice to feel a lovely beckoning into a “next,” very nice to find that Frog is an escort.”

“Kestrel Dancer”    30″x30″    $1125

“My studio time was dancing with masks.  I swept the canvas, discovering the sacred directions for what was to come.  Birds appeared in the piece, and we were off to the magic land of bird dances.”  


 Let this lovely week flow gently. Enjoy the richness of dark.

   Live The Love!   


Seek & Enjoy Unfolding!

With Light,

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