Advent Altar PLANT Week

Because I began my advent hoop a bit ‘late,’
I compress my weeks by a few days for each element.
This certainly does not abide with the time it takes for rocks and crystals to grow!

This week a few more crystals migrated into the circle
and the Plant King/Queendom is walking in.


Planetary Advent

Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human

Plant King/Queendom

Representing this PLANT world are river drift woods, fresh greens and berries, cedar incense sticks, fruit, pine cone.

Of course, none of these kingdoms are separate.
We all love and support and grow with one another.


My personal artistic contributions to this Plant Oxygen infused week are these two paintings:

“Fir In Sway”    24″x36″    $1080

“From Where Comes Seed”    24″x24″    $720

“Pine cone.  Dirt.  Sky.  Intoxicating.”


  Wishing you a Blessed Our Lady Of Guadalupe Day.

   Live The Love!   


Seek & Enjoy Unfolding!

With Light,

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