Advent Altar Mineral Week

Planetary Advent
A few weeks of honoring the energies we walk with in this world.

Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human

Mineral King/Queendom

I invite you to create a personal altar honoring the Mineral world.
Each week toward Winter Solstice and
the great celebration of the Pan-universal Christ,
is an opportunity to create the groundwork, literally,
for the other king/queendoms to follow.

I have begun in circle, hoop.
You might choose a more linear shape.

Your altar is for your unique sensibilities, so enjoy how you make it!

My ‘start’ has rocks, crystals, although I may add a bowl of sand or soil.
My process is to light the center candle each day,
and place another Mineral-world object.

Then next week will find me placing Plant world delights.

I think the most important part is having a few moments of
“quiet good cheer”!


  Happy Holidays

   Live The Love!   


Seek & Enjoy Unfolding!

With Light,

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