Planetary Advent

Planetary Advent
A few weeks of honoring the energies we walk with in this world.

Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human

Mineral King/Queendom
“This is a dry rise, outcrops of white and yellow and gold calcite roll throughout the hills.  The valley affords moisture.  I love this particular long valley with its rises.  When I came to the canvas with this place in my heart, all the dry evaporated, and the meandering streams and low grasses took over my expression.  This piece abstracts the bedded calcite, and extracts the rich feel of the place.”
Plant King/Queendom

“The northwest forest affords supple greenery.  Take a walk through a fairy forest, collect the forest floor’s rich bounty, wrap yourself in luxurious earth-green.  This piece was created as honor to a forest dancer, dressed in ceremonial’s authentic finest.  He is in there!”

Animal King/Queendom

“Sage Council”    24″x24″    $720

“May peace reign around every bush, through the air, across the firm desert floor.  May bird song thrill each day.”

Human King/Queendom

“Living Through The Planting”    20″x20″    $500

“Enough For Everyone”    30″x40″    $1500

“She is everywhere, She is at all times.
Our Lady is in everyone’s face and being.
We each hold a name for Her–all meaning: beauty-filled, bountiful, compassionate.
All beings can participate, all beings may contribute.
This means also you and I, making resonance into the order of things.”


  Happy Holidays

   Live The Love!   


Seek & Enjoy Unfolding!

With Light,

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