Listen With Ears Of The Heart

I was seeking a settling, a feeling of “ahhhhh,” and this piece evolved from a sacred 4 directions quadrant mandala into a repose of contemplation.

I have held onto her/him for months before publishing. I think I needed the wisdom and wanted to luxuriate in the transmission.

Please enjoy!

“It is a simple search.
To feel tethered, and at peace, and grounded to something believed in.
There is no end-point to a search;
only recognition of strong foot falls relative to tentative and unstable steps.
Wherever is the home,
the subject is Self——centered, grounded, dynamic and at-ease.
This Hoop is a step into Beauty-of-Self,
a step into the giggly happiness of feeling AT HOME.
We let the Holy Above come into us,
and we let Earth inform.
We allow (so beautifully easy).
Here we are—
poised, living, available.
You know what you know from your depths,
way back beyond a history of your rememberings——
a place inside that calls and says “This is the place!”
You are at your place!
A thread from Earth’s ubiquitous turning—trailing and pulling.
Plant strongly into the place of need.


Seek & Enjoying Unfolding!

Are You Finding Your Unique Balance?


“Evening Dance At Owl Pond”

10″x20″ Acrylic on Cotton

Balance is perpetually in a state of search and discovery and finding itself. It occurs for a nano-second, then lives into its awareness of being in balance. This is always a hold-back to the moment before.

“Evening Dance At Owl Pond” is a composition of asymmetry in its immediacy, yet the figures/beings balance one another with their territory.

Thus, you and I can balance one another in our daily living.

And, we emphatically must balance ourselves with our territory, precious Earth.