Luck Factor and How Your Natural Spirit Can Wake-Up

Assisting your Luck from the inside out is a wonderful model espoused by the ancient Stoics.  

I took a short course from Philip Golabuk of the Philosophy Center’s Fate Project, and am reviewing its essential breakdown, which I give here as the simplest of phrases, each quality can be enjoyed as a lifetime pursuit and development!

The Well-Ordered Soul

Truthfulness is at the heart of the well-ordered soul.

Showing Up (not hiding and taking your chances).

Innocence (we know so little!, so be teachable).

Diligence (each of us is presented with things which are only ours to do, conscientiously and to the best of our ability).

Dialogue calls us to humbly open ourselves to outside-ourselves discovery, as well as being intimate with the inner voice of clarity and truth, which the Greeks defined simply as happiness, as good spirit.

detail Sage Mother Pushes Dawn

Our Fate corresponds to our character, so “get lucky” and enjoy your day!!! with light, Cherilyn

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