HERStory Manhattan Arts Int’l Exhibition


“Bestowal,” 30″x30″ Acrylic, ©Cherilyn SunRidge, Available

Renee Phillips of Manhattan Arts International has curated a strong comprehensive online exhibition honoring contemporary female artists.  I am thrilled and humbled and awakened-within to have received an Award of Excellence for “Bestowal”!


Dr. Seth Hill, DC of Lifestyle Nutrition and Massage has pARTnered with Three Rivers Artist Guild to exhibit art in his gorgeous new clinic.  This doctor is immensely present and generous, his staff is expert, and the clinic is embracing and comforting.  Welcome to Oregon City, Dr. Hill!!!

Guild artists Holly Kroening, animal themed watercolors,  and Cherilyn SunRidge, land inspired acrylics, are exhibiting in the clinic located at the corner of Molalla and Beavercreek in Oregon City.

Chaos, Order, Chaos, Order

I am re-reading Nick Bantock’s “The Forgetting Room.”  The pages are replete with short phrases, rich and deep, relevant to life and art.

One such provocation is the memory of the grandfather guiding the grandson as the lad worked to resolve an issue with his drawing.  He applied watercolor wash, yet it looked sugary to him, too nice.  From his memory bank, Grandfather speaks:

©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Dandelion,” & detail “Rain Drop Temple

“Chaos, order, chaos, order recurring …..there is a difference between a study and a painting.  Rough up the ground.  Then you can begin growing your picture……The result was a mess, though not an unpleasant one.  I ‘humphed’ aloud and deserted it to dry by itself.”

Just some insight into a painting process.  Now, I am headed into my painting cave!  Sending Light!  Cherilyn