Sage Mother Pushes Dawn


©CherilynSunRidge, “Sage Mother Pushes Dawn,” acrylic, 30×30, available

Each morning gives a moment of applause and a moment of review and unending moments of wonder and wondering. I select “Sage Mother Pushes Dawn” today to show you because of its strength. I love the “held” spheres, the absolute knowing that there is structure for my day, visible or not. I love the colors which were only viewed in the high country as tiny bits of desert hue, yet I wanted them to shout their presence.  May the backdrop of your life inform your day, and may you see anew what has always been before you.  “Sage Mother Pushes Dawn” is available in the Hoops portfolio at, always at my modest square inch price and always S&H included.  Stay lively!

Amazing Art #Jeff Koons #Nonjudgment

CherilynSunRidge hoops

©CherilynSunRidge, detail of “Crow Mother Clacks Virgas”

Jeff Koons has said, “The amazing thing about art is, it can empower. And it has an ability to constantly let people know that everything about them is perfect…Art is an amazing vehicle that really shows there can be no judgment.”