Kestrel Cry, masks portfolio

©CherilynSunRidge, “Kestrel Dancer,” acrylic, 30″x30,” gallery-wrap 1.5″ painted blueberry. Available. Click through to see the full piece.

“Kestrel Dancer” is another in my Mask series. I am ‘behind’ my self-suggested itinerary of having Masks coming to completion during the first quarter of this year. Kestrel Dancer needed to incubate; I turned it to the wall and went along with other things. Returning, my eyes were cleared and she magically had done her own dancing/flying/hovering/gazing into completion. We can all “look away” to see more clearly!

My post is called Kestrel Cry because I just read the words of Amy Runyen who wrote: “Art is more than a record of events and lives past; it is an existential cry and a testament to the creative human spirit. Each time new art is created, another spoke is added in the ever-turning wheel of art history.”  Existential calling-out, keeps me lively!

See more Masks, Hoops, Figures, & Landscapes on site at where you can easily sign-up for my Studio News.  Thanks so much, and Sending Light!


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