Trees for Thee

“Trees” is the theme of the Currents Gallery exhibit, in McMinnville, Oregon.  The artists’ interpretations were deep and insightful and entertaining.  I studied with a watercolor teacher in Monterey, California, decades ago, who spoke about the different shapes of trees, and my short-sighted 20-year old eyes were given new vision.  The two pieces accepted into this TREES show were painted in my northwest studio, from my memory visions of explorations in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado.  Hiking, sweating, singing, and crawling have usually made deep neurological imprints for my artistic library.

contemporary tree painting

©CherilynSunRidge, “Trailblazing Swallow Cliff,” 24″x36,” acrylic, cotton canvas, available

abstract contemporary tree art

©CherilynSunRidge, “Ponderosa Pine Turkey Springs Road,” 30″x30,” acrylic, cotton canvas, available

I am remiss in not knowing the credits for the other works seen on the gallery wall, boo.
I admire tree-painters–trees are difficult subjects to capture, to interpret, to give back life to on a flat canvas. I was in great company!