Weather Makers #How You Become You #contemporary american SW art

contemporary weather spirits

©CherilynSunRidge, “Weather Makers,” acrylic, 16″x16″

“Incubate the weather inside
Sustain the simmer
percolate the interaction of
unlabeled informants.

Entertain your ability to make change.

Form the form
held in the in-between.

Where two are gathered
Where two interact
Where two intend–
Cosmic forces agree to create.”

Organic Contemporary Rain Art

The Muse is afoot and a-flight as I revel in the northwest winter.  The La Lluvia show next autumn is already being painted out in my studio.  Showing you details of the new “Rain Drop Temple” lets me suggest to any art viewer in any venue, to step back and feel the emotion all the way up from your feet.  How do you respond to a piece of art?  And then visit the work up close and personal just to see from where the all-encompassing work comes.

See the whole piece at in the Masks Portfolio.