Alaskan fjord meets northwest Portland and goes to the forests of the eastern coast, “First Innocence” has many places on the globe.

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©CherilynSunRidge, “First Innocence,” acrylic, 30″x30″ available

Owl Mask Art

The sacred Owl Dancer, bringing healing, stealth, tenacity, roaring song and silence, has danced its way into Being.  A few weeks, few contemplative sessions over this or that line, a few photo documenting sessions to give it a “figuring-out,” and here is my first Mask.  The first quarter of 2015 is dedicated to a Mask Series, with a few other-world landscapes defining my time.  Now available for your sacred space through http://www.CherilynSunRidge.com.

©CherilynSunRidge, "Owl Dancer," 24"x24," Acrylic on Cotton, Available $1300

©CherilynSunRidge, “Owl Dancer,” 24″x24,” Acrylic on Cotton, Available $1300

#Owl Dancer #Mask Series


The first quarter of this fabulous new year 2015 is dedicated to a series of Masks.  This prompt has been incubating for quite some time (years), and now the engagement with a defined body of work is living.  What are the masks I have used?  What forms do masks take that I see donned around me?  Each singular mask is a separation, and/or an incubation, a channeled identity to learn from, a spiritual force to live into.  Who will I Be as I become creatively intimate with the Powers which flow?

Sending Light*!*

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