Featured Artist Manhattan Arts International for Nature Spirit Art


©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Blue Mesa Bridge,” acrylic, 30″x40,” $2700


Cherilyn SunRidge Creates “Nature Spirit Art”: Her Healing Paintings Reconnect Us To Our Source

Cherilyn SunRidge’s art connects us to the earth through the use of her gentle palette and metaphorical forms that suggest the elements of nature as well as the vistas beyond our senses.

Her spherical shapes that suggest pods, seeds and portals to other realms evoke primordial symbols of life and rebirth.  Her rhythmic vistas are invigorated with continuous movement and an affirmation of limitless potentiality.

She provides viewers with the catalysts to comprehend a higher level of consciousness and discovery, and her poetic titles open the dialogue, such as “From Where Comes Seed” and “Seven Steps to Heaven”.

“I am extremely impressed by your unique artistic process and highly personal yet universal vision.  In viewing your website and portfolio, I’ve already picked many of my favorites.  Your art work is amazing and you bring so much depth to your art.  You are truly an original.”  Renee Phillips

Please click through for the article, the link is above.  Renee Phillips is a great writer, and got the essence of my work!  And, to see more of what I am ‘up to,’ visit:


Sending Light!


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