Before and After Nature Spirit Earth Poetry

Before you experienced “it” and after you experienced “it” are seamless in the ways of the constellatory configurations.

©Cherilyn SunRidge, "Fir In Sway," Acrylic, 24"x36"

©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Fir In Sway” Acrylic, 24″x36″ $1950


It is all a matter of loving the depths and the heights of the experience, the encounter, the neurological underpinnings of nature spirit earthy creative acts of dreaming/breathing/acting.  In the natural and primordial ways of living, the living into and through the experience is all there is.  These were the energies of living in the resonance of the Fir tree as the above piece evolved.  



subtle ruffle of needles
Exploring existence on flat or slope
Unspoken determination
to dance with Gaia’s breath–
And dance she does.
Swaying, bending, scratching.
Seizing purchase,
to be formed and reformed and twisted,
while anchored, rooted, nourished.
The internal network adores this
external manipulation.
Feeling and knowing,
acknowledging and accepting.
The referred internal twirl creates sense of new and
restores sense of eternal ancient.”
©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Fir In Sway”

In Portland, through 6 October 2014, is a wall of my affirmation series paintings, thirteen in all.  Available as a compliment to the show are copies of my award winning“Nothing Is As It Was.”  Visit Rain or Shine at 5941 SE Division, Portland, Oregon for great eats/treats, coffee, ambience, and art!


Rain or Shine, Division Street, Portland, Oregon, Affirmation Series Installation

Rain or Shine, Division Street, Portland, Oregon, Affirmation Series Installation

4 & 5 October 2014, Bend Fall Festival.  I will be in the heart of this pretty city, downtown area, participating in the juried artisan section of this autumn festival.  Come out to the eastern part of Oregon, relish in the autumn deserty-scapes, and see art!

10, 11 & 12 October 2014, Open Studios of Beavercreek.  Again I will be hosted in another artist’s fine space.  It is always fun to see folks drive in, and the comments continue to be that this tour is an all around pleasure due to the variety and calibre of art and the exquisite countryside tour.


Have you been considering collecting one of my
nature spirit art pieces?
Not sure of the color, design, vibration for this or that wall?
I will send you a downloadable printable image which you can
carry around your sacred office or home space,
assessing the right placement for your
purchase of original art.
Let me know!!!


Do your path, do your truth, do your heart, do your reason.  
The artist is You–creator of your life.
The idea is what you hold dear.
The personal and universal commitment is simply
doing your Self in your Truth.
Sending Light!

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