What Works For Me

acrylic process detail CherilynSunRidge

process detail Your Next, acrylic 24×36, soon available

acrylic process detail CherilynSunRidge

process detail Your Next, 24×36 acrylic, soon available

Personal studies in comparative “what works for me” have been going on this glorious month, as I travel and observe and experience air in a different place than my norm.  Putting miles on my vehicle gives me that “long eye view,” even though it is not into outer space.  It is just here, on Earth who lets me drive on her; just here, with thousands of leaves twirling and dancing overhead; just here, where folks are endeavoring and waking up and making headway into their ‘nexts,’  and showing me what they did last.  The comparative study in “what works for me” invokes circular thinking and heart brightening and appreciation.  I wish you awareness and gratitude for what works for you, in whatever you do and how you go at it!

These bits of detail from my current canvas are coming into their communication with the whole, establishing their parts in the play on the canvas.  The colors have their individual self-awarenesses whether laid under, over, or next to another different color or hue.  It is part of my dance in “what works for me” until I am satisfied that what I give out may just work for you also.  Sending Light!