Circular Search for Solar Light

Paying attention to the sacred circle in its most expanded cosmic form, and paying attention to how we each walk our spiraling path into the light of each day, are the “whys” of our incarnation here on this bounteous planet!

Be Redundant!  Just as Mother Earth and all things cosmic and eternal, hail your unique and heart-felt ways!  Do it again and again and again until you deeply feel its impress in your heart and belly!  Repeat what you know is right for you and for how you want to communicate whatever it is you have going on in your artistic/creative/heart realism world!

We have celebrated Summer Solstice, given gratitude for the eternal dance along our tiny cosmic highway, and now relish in the summer heat to come.

Endaba Calcite study, acrylic, 30"x40"

Endaba Calcite study, acrylic, 30″x40″

Endaba Calcite study, acrylic, 30"x40"

Endaba Calcite study, acrylic, 30″x40″

Endaba Calcite study, acrylic, 30"x40"

Endaba Calcite study, acrylic, 30″x40″

I am painting another green earthy toned piece!  I attempt different palette colors, and just cannot get it in my belly!  I have walked away from this piece, taken it from room to room for a new visual ‘take,’ yet continue to sit happily with its rich earthy green substance.  I look at a bushel-full of art– on-line, in-person, at advertisements in markets, and get drawn to particular flavors of color.  And, in spite of seeing extraordinary pieces of art in colors I personally cannot work, I see what makes the other pieces work.

If your comfort zone is ‘working’ artistically, and you are joyously endeavoring and satisfied–keep at it!  And, keep looking at what makes other artists’ work so very interesting–are the forms inviting? the colors striking or soothing? the extensions outward beckoning? the centers of interest compelling?

So, “Endaba Calcite” (small snippet details shown above) is almost complete, just needs a very tiny drop of yellow ochre and naples yellow to bring the metaphoric circle into cohesiveness.  It will soon to be published on my website in its entirety, at

And, for the affirmation that we do, indeed, seek the light, look at the onion throws in the compost pile, making right-angle bends to continue their blossoming and swaying toward the sun’s light:



Wishing you ecstatic flexibility, growth toward the light you see, and redundancy in your blissful ways!

With light, Cherilyn

New Life Acrylic Painting

it’s a new baby thing


          Open Studios of Beavercreek was an enriching four days, hosted by Jill Montgomery at her fabulous mosaic studio property.

Miss Daisy was two-weeks old, and a lovely, soft, velvety, suckling delight in my open air canopy.

Ever desire to feel a renewal?  Go find a baby animal to love on!

My art found new homes, I had stimulating discussions about fourth dimensional living and painting what is known yet not seen and the life of color, form, and movement on a 2-D surface.  New collectors this month have had neat and unique ideas of where to hang their art to enhance their spaces, and that is always fun.

Wishing you Sweetness & Light!