San Luis Valley, Colorado

Image“Oh my goodness,” says I.  I brought out a 24″x48″ canvas and had to grin at its foreignness.  It is broad.  Not square.  It is long from there to there.  During my studio sessions I felt there were several different paintings going on at the same time on the same canvas.  I usually work on more than one canvas at a time, but they are separate pieces.

I was delightedly uncomfortable with the literal space, and then when it became too pedestrian/popular in its palette and symbolism, I found myself going away from that sentiment.

Dimensional change is quite the life reflection! Image I kept with the four sacred directions theme, the weather came into the piece, I took memory walks across the southwest, and then the wind storms of the San Luis Valley came in to bring the life.  My finished broad art is the way that high mountain valley feels, with the dirt flying and making the sun red, with tumbleweeds racing, with the walking over the unseen aquifer, and Mount Blanca looming from its 14,000’+ vantage point.

©CherilynSunRidge, “San Luis Valley,” acrylic, 24″x48″ Image

This piece took me out of my self in a quest different than doing mandala work.  And, in pondering the feeling left after showing up to that “dimensional change,” I come with the awaring prompt that

you do not have to know anything about “it” and can

have an experience of working/endeavoring/bringing to peace

something you never did and still do not understand fully.

The “simplicity of confusion” can be a big delight when it is not being fussed over!

Sending out Light…….



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