Morning Mantra & Morning Thoughts & Prompts

acrylic hoop painting, lens of next dimension, acrylic process painting

©CherilynSunRidge, Aperture/pre-detail/acrylic

Each morning we come into our next, and in the best of worlds, we ease in cloaked with bright anticipation.

Several decades ago when I came into a focused spiritual practice, I noticed more awareness of my First Morning Thought.

I learned to respect that singular First, not the string or thread which follows. For me, the dreamtime workings were often revealed at the moment of crossing over the dawn-veil. Delicious heart-stuff!

Today’s prompt is to aware yourself of that news meant just for you, the color or word or concept or form or quality, which you can use throughout the day. There are so many connections in our perspectives, that using this Morning Mantra impresses into your perspective a fresh insight. It may turn out to be more important than it appeared at first blink.

One of the canvases in process in my studio is “Aperture,” which is building on one such morning vision which came with its own encyclopedic concept, which is being whittled down into one 30″ canvas. I know one Aperture canvas will beget another!

acrylic circle painting, morning focus painting, abstract art


Here is to paying attention and loving it! Sending LIGHT!

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