Celebrate The Hunt~figurative painting in process

This little-bit is dancing along.  Her feet were down, her feet are up, yet always the figure is raising her countenance to moon.  This painting is not near complete, yet refinement is afoot.  I contemplate through a stare and a squint, for technical details.  I stand at my studio window and wonder which “hunt” I am celebrating.  I must have procured something, maybe in a dream space, and am celebrating, yet I do not know exactly what it is, or the quality of it.  Most of my art comes from a clear channel of direction, specific idea to outpour and paint.  This little dancer is a blessing in disguise, so I will let the veils lift and allow her to live into my life.  She is getting tiny flowers painted on her torso, then we’ll see.  I invite you to think about your blessings even if they are not yet formed or named, and just be grateful!  Light from me.

Image©2014Cherilyn SunRidge, “Celebrate The Hunt,” in process, acrylic, 20″x10″

Nature Poetry Art~From Where Comes Seed


©CherilynSunRidge, “From Where Comes Seed,” 24″x24,” acrylic on cotton

The seeding surprise is all around.  Maybe the clouds bind you to fascination, or the ravine in your strolls, or the gutter with its rich debris.  I discover pockets of plenty with my gaze, even the bark on trees is a catch-all!  Wishing you fun and serene times as we move through the mid point of winter.

Cushy Earth Under Foot

The past few months have brought up the color and feel of the southwest.  It is wonderful!  Here in the Portland metropolitan region, with flat skies and moisture all around and daylight differences from the neurological memory parallel with the southwest, these are all also sublime food.  I painted “Subtle Descent” using that heart memory, with the hard pack earth, the wonder of water absent, the spiritual pipe to the skies.  I liked that studio session.  Now, a few days after a lovely snow here, and the rains having melted it away, we looked out and were struck by how much green filled our eyes!  The kind of green that is wet and mossy and has a life of its own.  Wherever you are, I wish you life!

©2014 Cherilyn SunRidge, "Subtle Descent," detail, 16:x16" acrylic on cotton

©2014 Cherilyn SunRidge, “Subtle Descent,” detail, 16″x16″ acrylic on cotton

Floral Heart

Make a good ‘go’ of it, with that hearty stuff which grows from your belly.  Find the tiny shared molecules of inspiration, and you have created more than intended or imagined.  This magical mystery tour of love is for every moment and for everyone, even those not available in the moment!  Have fun, you might like it!  love&Light,  Cherilyn 

ImageIt’s A Valentine Thing, whimsical acrylic on cotton canvas, ©2014 Cherilyn SunRidge