Dancing Manifestation

Holding her serenity, while conjuring her sacred aura, this piece has now danced its way into manifestation!  My work with it took on an aura in itself, finding the arena and backdrop and sphere in which she lives well.  My lessons were to embrace the colors she suggested even though I thought her development would travel elsewhere; also, her gesture mirrors another work standing in my studio and I had to embrace replication rather than turn toward something I felt would be completely original and unto itself.  Image©Cherilyn SunRidge, “Because I Love, It Occurs,” 40″x30,” acrylic.  Available through www.CherilynSunRidge.com in the Figurative Portfolio.

Little Light Paintings

Little works coming forth with this wonder-filled Earth time, termed Autumn. Gentle persuasions into darkening times, inner visions of the Light.ImageImageImageImage  Confluence of Truths, Furrows of Plenty, Heart Behind Your Heart, River of Light.  These can be viewed at www.CherilynSunRidge.com.  Be generous of Spirit in all you do!