Miniature Greetings

Some days ago, the divine Ruby Campbell ( wrote we artists saying that people are Christmas shopping in the gallery!  She invited us to bring more art to celebrate the upcoming times.  I was shocked to realize it is autumn (not summer), and the next day as I as assisting installation in TRAG Gallery in Oregon City I was decorating a holiday tree!  It’s great to get the good surprise when someone brings a seasonal reference to my attention! 

ImageI was so excited to create in the vein of Solstice and light and tradition.  I set aside my Sacred Hoop endeavor for a bit, and went for these six little 6×6’s.  Their titles are (top left to right, then bottom left to right): “Star Baby,” “Healed With Light,” “Cosmic Kiss,” “Decorate With Heart,” “Walk to Know,” and “Poinsettia.”  I felt veils of many places I have been during my life for the “holidays,” and it was very sweet studio time.

These pieces are painted on birch panels and are available at LoveArt! Gallery.  I am also documenting them on my website in the Terra, Figurative, and Symbology Portfolios.

Wishing you very happy days!