Landscapes Going Public

This morning I participated in the installation of my and other artists’ works in the public spaces venue which our Three Rivers Artist Guild facilitates.  What beautiful and interesting work these folks are producing!  My Floating Blossom series (4) is now on view (October through December) at the Oregon City Community Development Office at 221 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon–office space with bright sleek interiors.  These four pieces are still available individually, but they run and rub well together so to be viewed as a bright contemporary landscape series.  

Find them on my website in the Flora Portfolio or in my Etsy shop (Etsy because they are small in both size and price).

Image©2013 Cherilyn SunRidge, “Floating Blossoms Series”

Leaving our installation time, I went for pastry, and the bakery had art on all of its walls, jewelry on the counter, and it was a visual delight to be surrounded by local creators of all ages and working in different genres, while I purchased a treat!  Keep your eyes open for seeing the creative spirit anywhere, and know someone’s distant relative poured her heart into that piece!


Cherilyn of




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