Sacred Hoops

©2013, CherilynSunRidge, “TransReceiver,” acrylic, 16″x16″

My inner ways are circles and spirals and arcs. Recently while in my studio, I was asking the powers that be to help me with something in my mindset. I was engaged in staring and pondering and also painting. My asking for this assistance was real and truthful and authentically uttered because I thought its answer would solve a problem. I took a break, sat under a tree, gazed high through glorious branches. The answer came with great clarity, and surprisingly was not blatantly related to my precise question. I was informed to paint “Sacred Hoops.” I was filled with glee and joy and satisfaction. Much of my work uses circles and spheres because that is often how I see what I am looking at. To be charged with a defined theme was like a wish come true!

The piece here, “TransReceiver” is one of my new Sacred Hoops. My Acupuncturist/Reflexologist friend ooo’ed at it and said it looks like acupuncture needles. That is fitting, because it certainly is about connections, and so is the healing art of acupuncture!


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