Cave of Inquiry

©2013 Cherilyn SunRidge "Cave of Inquiry"

©2013 Cherilyn SunRidge “Cave of Inquiry”







© 2013 Cherilyn SunRidge "Sacred Hut"

© 2013 Cherilyn SunRidge “Sacred Hut”

“Cave of Inquiry”–what are the natures of the caves in our lives? Are they internal or in an outer environment? Do they provoke contemplation, or sleepiness, or protection, or enthusiastic delight?  Unless one abides in a cave, a pilgrimage to a cave becomes a sacred journey just to be in that realm of incubation and awe. Peering out, gazing beyond, then returning to some place within yourself has great nourishment.  I have a sitting rock. This sitting rock affords the brush of a tall bush at my shoulder, surrounded by unnamed spring plants with frills and drooping blossoms, a beautiful green pot holding beautiful white bones, ancient cherry and apple and maple trees, and often a morning moon gaze. It is my open-air cave for a predawn sit. Blessings of this magnificent day to you!



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