Still Point~Center Point

You have read about mandalas and miniatures, and I am so immersed in the feeling operation that I did not go to the true center.  Which is, I work in circles and spirals, this may be in preparation or in execution, yet it is fundamental to the production. The cardinal directions hold us, the cardinal directions of this glorious earth. Finding and delighting in CENTER is joyful execution of living.

The current work of mine may be “miniatures,” but the true work is creating in squares. My creations are in 4/4’s or 16×16’s and other defined equal spacing between.

We bi-peds seek center. Going from here to there in search of our deepest breath, and finding the breath from Mother descends to precisely our operating center.

Enjoy your unique center!

2 thoughts on “Still Point~Center Point

  1. Beautiful work Cherilyn. Even more exquisitely described in your poetic artistry. Yes, you do live by asserting a connection with spirit and nature and this is so felt in your work. Keep that energy stream flowing.


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