I am making small works! I feel like a mouse, a funnel, a microscope. This is a great deal of fun and delight, bringing the larger energies down and up. Compacted compartments of paint and more arcs and focus.

I have launched seven little pieces in a portfolio on my website

Wishing you a bright-eyed visual day!

Great Plains Painting

©2013 Cherilyn SunRidge, “Floating Plains Blossom”

My studio is up and running!  My ‘painting cave’ is beautifully functional, and now my first piece is ready for the cosmic order.  I am into a series of ‘floating blossoms’ and this little piece is tethered to the great plains, with a plethora of seeds blowing in the wind.  And, who of us will discern the difference in geographies when Mountain, River, and Desert come to publication?  It is wonderfully rich to have a studio again, and to produce images for you!  This is a good dark time, getting ready for the political time-change coming right up.

Walk your days with beauty in your heart!