Painting Cave

At long last, my relocation across state lines is successful.  After leaving one glorious state and finding a spot in Oregon, having studio space built, reconciling living in community after my self-exile, I feel full.  I find it richly entertaining to know that I followed unconscious prompts and crawled into my next life, and nothing was lost around my producing art.  I went out to meet and greet while my studio loft was being completed.  The Portland area is very fun and people are wonderfully friendly and supportive.

© Cherilyn SunRidge

© Cherilyn SunRidge, in process floating blossom

I am working on a series of four paintings carrying the theme of “floating blossoms,” each arising from different geographies, yet affirming the connections amongst the varying terrains.  I am excited to experience their completions, get them off their boards, and show them on my website!  Here’s to marvelous beginnings!

503.407.3771 in beautiful Oregon City, OR