Gallery Representation

detail "Anoint Me, Grandmother Moon" ©2010 Cherilyn SunRidge

detail "Anoint Me,Grandmother Moon" ©2010 Cherilyn SunRidge

I recently partook of a teleseminar facilitated by Alyson B. Stanfield and Debby Williams.  This hour was replete with information about pricing your art, some savvy guidelines, conducting your own market research and all presented by two women who have been in the “art” business for a reputable amount of time, and they are both fun and sophisticated.  Here is a link to Alyson’s blog:

I have read for years about relationships with galleries, what is expected and required of both parties (artist and gallery personnel).  There is wonderful responsibility required when you network with anyone, or have relationship with anyone, either personal or business.  Morality and ethics are so light-filled when authentic and thoughtful and the underscore of your relationships.  Don’t just give in order to ‘get,’ but remain aware of yourself and why you function.  With this in mind, I say, “Never be desperate with your art.”  You created something, hopefully full of integrity and heart.  This means someone wants to view it.  Stay active with your networking and becoming visible with your joyous creations.


About Cherilyn SunRidge

With decades of a shamanic healing practice and human energy systems education, I come into my art intending an imprint of healing the split of our souls from our Source. Studio sessions are led with the myth-mantra of the day, mine or yours, so my work is imbued with healing strength and strong intention. There is a delight in my creative process by looking to the dance of natural objects with their environments, working the micro-images from a crawling-on-the-earth practice into larger semi-abstract symbolic work. Life is better lived by connecting my inner environment with the outer environment.  I live by asserting connection with spirit and nature. Patrons state that my work delights, soothes, strengthens, and settles them, which is a fulfillment of my endeavors. All available and archived work can be seen at: Contact me: 1-503-407-3771, 19293 Windmill Drive, Oregon City, OR 97045,
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