How To View Art

Yesterday I received a complimentary copy of “American Art Review,” (AMARTREV.COM), and thoroughly enjoyed turning the glossy pages and viewing gorgeous works of two-dimensional art.  I like texture, I like to drive my car over the paper or canvas to create new ground and foundation, I like medium depth.  And, I was so intrigued by noticing what attracted me in this periodical, what moved me.  In this body of expression, I felt that if I wanted to be in the painting, I felt very good.  If I was falling into a color, juxtaposition of colors, directions, I felt very good.  If I noticed the work as a beautiful representation, and felt lovely ease with the palate then I felt nice, but, I didn’t want my soul-swim in that painting.  It was fun to gaze in neutrality, and simply notice what beckoned.  Each and every work I saw had great value, for me and us and the world; yet some left me unmoved enough to not even wonder why they felt incomplete.  Every creator is provoked to display just what moves them, giving out their perspective of their world, offering their unique combination of sensibilities and demonstration.  Enjoy arranging your life just so, and appreciating whatever you gaze upon!  Please visit my galleries at