Empowerment Affirmations

Here we all are, globally launched into a year with a different number designation than the old year’s. In our culture, so many are endeavoring for creative inspiration, driven by the collective quest to do better than ourselves already did, enchanted and seduced by supposed depth psychology of resolve, meditation, healing of judged places deep within, nuances and particles of perturbation wanting satisfaction.

It is a wonderful collective energy to be enveloped by, and to use exactly for your exquisite self
and your desired awakening unto your time on this planet. There are your perception of self to be smoothed over, earth healing to be embraced, spiritual journeys to take, neighbors to acknowledge and greet, meditations to relish, and eyes to be opened.

This new year is an exciting drop in the history of now. You and I and every one can participate in our sweetest of schemes.

Need a bit of a boost? Hold your own hand, and affirm that you are capable and valuable. Inhale full of heart and know your connection with this glorious planet. Greet others and offer one more of your precious life seconds in your authentic passing. Light a candle with the simplicity of gratitude for the space it illuminates.

Encouragement for a more satisfying time comes with the absence of input which is not satisfying to your sensibilities. Kindness comes to yourself through your choices. Be aware–did that sound good and right? Did that story help anyone on their path to being a light-bearing-contributor? Do I feel full and open of heart when I put myself in that environment? Gracious choices are free of defense and pitch and excuse and false pride. Gracious choices foster grace.

From my book “Nothing Is As It Was,” ©2011 Balboa Press, is a bit more life-affirming encouragement, taken from a chapter introduction:

Empowerment Affirmations

What tickles your fancy for this day?
Empower yourself with simplicity.
Affirm yourself with trust.
Choose a quality with which to augment your thinking process.
Choose a feature to construct yourself around.
Pretend you know just how to “do it.”
If you can’t pretend, pretend you can pretend.
Contract with yourself
to notice ease.
Above all,

You can set your sights, launch toward a goal, check off mile markers on your calendar, gain endorsement from outside sources, AND remember to plumb deep inside yourself to assess how you feel. Possibly the sound-check and depth-plumb don’t need to be deep. There is a plethora of information in your shallows as well. It is very fun to know. Enjoy your New Year and the moments of your time. (14 January 2012)