Within Who You Are, Who Are You?

loving application

loving application

completed journeys

completed journeys

Our mask-making workshop was a deep preparation for winter time.  We meditated and journeyed so as to go with Spirit while laying on the floor and being lovingly ministered to by our crafting partner.  Each participant was gifted with a direction, given in her journeywork; some provocations were already in place from time leading up to the mask-making.  We took our time to talk-story, to share the process of giving and receiving, to speak with our masks on at the end of our day.  Even some having never put glue to paper, when it came time to embellish, there was a flurry of bright eyes and busy hands and a mission to bring out the final touches.  It was a great day, rich and fun and deep and fulfilling.

Last year I did a canvas of a mask, called “Within Who You Are, Who Are You.” As an artist, a presenter of ideas, I find the query stimulating on a regular basis!  Recite several times a day for clarity!  Please see this canvas in the floor canvases portfolio at www.CherilynSunRidge.com.

Wishing you a bright-eyed stimulating day!


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