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HAPPY NEW*!*!*!*!* This canvas was created to honor the journey and navigations through the metaphoric undulating folds and rises in our lives.  There are two tiny figures, different ages and body-types, standing on different crests of the emerging ground-matter.  Maybe … Continue reading

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The Dark Crystal

I just viewed Jim Henson’s 1982 The Dark Crystal. It is a plethora of sound and visuals.  This piece is shamanic and harmonic and karmic.  Twenty-eight years later, the precepts stand, that when there is something aggravating  outside of one’s … Continue reading

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Within Who You Are, Who Are You?

Our mask-making workshop was a deep preparation for winter time.  We meditated and journeyed so as to go with Spirit while laying on the floor and being lovingly ministered to by our crafting partner.  Each participant was gifted with a … Continue reading

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