One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Dearest Cherilyn,

    Your musings dance like wind and bring the exhilaration of this beautiful Aspen high life for all to taste.

    Colors swerving on the canvas, interpreting and embodying the One Spirit that illuminates and animates your heart, full and restless, empty and peaceful, all of
    it is there in your work as it is in your breath — and dare I mention, in your kitchen.

    Your muse is very much alive.

    I shall have one of your beautiful musings, trouble is, which one??

    Each is a portrait of the energies cursing through our expanding existence, often unspeakable through the limited context of words, and yet, with flowers and loving agitations, you capture “essence” in both.

    Happy Birthday Sweet One!!

    May today find you in your studio, revealing your inner beauty and splashing your colors all over these tightly woven canvases. With this, you enrich our world, thank you.



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